Type D

What is Plug Type D?

Plug and Socket Type D
Plug Type D

Plug Type D is an electrical plug, also known as the Indian or M.E.S standard plug (Indian Standard 5 Ampere Plug). The plug has a three round pins arranged in a triangular pattern and it is typically rated for 5A/240V current.

The plug type offers a secure connection due to its design which has two “U-shaped” pins that fit into two slots in the socket. With a grounding pin in the centre. It has been designed to avoid accidental disconnection and is an important safety feature.

What countries use Plug Type D?

Plug Type D is primarily used in India and other South Asian countries such as Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. It is also found in some Middle Eastern countries such as Kuwait and Qatar. Additionally, it is sometimes used in some African countries such as Tanzania.

List of all countries that use plug type D around the world:

  • India
  • Nepal
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • Tanzania

Where did Plug Type D come from?

Plug Type D was created by the Indian Standards Institute (ISI) in the year 1961. It is based on the British Plug BS 546 standard and it shares the same dimensions as other plug types such as A, F, G and J.

Can I get a Plug Type D travel adapter?

Yes, a Plug Type D travel adapter is available for purchase online or at many electronics stores. The adapter will allow you to use your standard plugs and devices from other countries in India without the need for an additional voltage converter. However, make sure to check the maximum current rating of the device you are connecting before making a purchase.