120 V
60 Hz

If you’re travelling to Canada, you don’t want to be without power. So, make sure you have the correct power plug adapter and, depending on your country of origin, a necessary voltage convertor. We provide up-to-date information on all the types of electrical outlets used in Canada as well as their standard voltage and frequency. 

Power plug types in Canada

Canada uses two plug and socket types – A and B.

Type A

Plug Type A

Type B

Plug Type B

Other countries that share these types of plugs are the United States of America and Mexico. Some of the main areas for travellers in Canada include Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary.   

Voltage and frequency of electricity in Canada

Canada has a standard electricity voltage of 120 volts and a frequency of 60 hertz. You need to be careful when it comes to different electrical voltages and frequencies. If you’re coming from a country that has a higher standard voltage such at 230 Volts you will likely need a voltage converter. If the frequency of your device is not 60 hertz like in Canada, it’s recommended not to use it without a voltage converter which also changes the frequency (hertz). Most devices these days will show a range of volts and hertz which means they can more easily be used in different countries without the risk of damage. 

Do I need a power plug adapter for Canada? 

Select the country you’re traveling from to find out what plug adapter you need for Canada:

Check plug type

If you’re not just traveling to Canada and want a travel adapter that works in any country in the world you can save yourself the hassle of buying many adapters and get a universal travel adapter. 

Power plug and electricity information has been collected from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the relevant electrical standards from individual countries. Anything we missed on power plugs in Canada? Please leave us a reply.