Australia to Mexico

Are you from Australia and planning to travel to Mexico?

Do you need to get a plug adapter?

Yes. You need a power plug adapter if your coming from Australia and going to Mexico.


  • Electronic appliances with plugs I will not fit any of their sockets. 
  • The voltage and frequency is different in Mexico so you may require a voltage convertor.

Differences in plug types

Click on each country to find more pictures of the power sockets and plugs from that country. You’ll also find more information about the voltage and frequency.


230 V
50 Hz

The power plug type used in Australia is type I. Power sockets provide 230 volts of electricity and run on a frequency of 50Hz.


127 V
60 Hz

The power plug type used in Mexico is type A. Power sockets provide 127 volts of electricity and run on a frequency of 60Hz.

Difference in voltage and frequency

You can’t use some electric appliances in Mexico without a voltage convertor, because the standard voltage in the Mexico (120 V) is lower than in Australia (230 V).

Utilizing an appliance not suited for your voltage/frequency can lead to catastrophic damages. To guarantee the safety of your device, make sure you read the label on it before use. Some appliances don’t need a converter at all; if their labels state ‘Input: 100-240V, 50/60 Hz’, then they are certified for international usage!

Buying a travel plug adapter